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United States

Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 23
Current Residence: Texas, USA
Favourite genre of music: Hip hop/R&B, Country, International, Rock, Dance/Techno, Zydeco, New Orleans Jazz/Second Line, Christian/Gospel
Favorite food: Cajun/Creole and Filipino
Favorite book/book series: King James Bible, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Favorite Shows: Duck Dynasty, Swamp People
Religion/Belief: Christian (born-again)

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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?

NHL Stamp by Skokut .. Calgary Flames Stamp .. by DoomTacoNot ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry

Favorite Pairings

I'm open-minded about other pairings like Sonamy, Sonaze, Sonouge, Shadouge, Knuxouge, Silvaze, Silvamy, etc) I'm not one of those Shadamy nutcases that says Shadamy is the best and disses other pairings and tries to shove my preferences down people's throats. Shadamy is just my preference because its something different and unexpected and something I'm comfortable with. But I'm not into yaoi or yuri because it makes me a bit uncomfortable. That is not to say I'm against gay people I'm just against yaoi and yuri.

Favorite Sonic Characters

Favorite Nintendo Characters

Peach fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Rosalina fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Luigi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Yoshi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Boo fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry

3DS friend code: 5000-2168-6925
Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address: 4400 - 3295 - 7872
I have Animal Crossing New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and Pokémon X so far for the 3DS.


Stuff I Like

Proud to be a PS3 Fan by The-Twitching-PeanutSega Dreamcast Fan Button by RockyleRick

The point of this is to answer the questions as your character. So I chose Karina since she's basically me as a hedgehog lol

1.) What is your name?

Karina. My mom Dr.Celeste was the one who named me.

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
She was watching Dancing with the Stars one time and like the name of one of the dancers Karina Smirnoff soooooo....I'm named after a Ukranian professional ballroom dancer *shrugs*

3.) Are you single or taken?
Yes but I do like Shadow but I'm still trying to wrestle with how to express that love and whether its safer to be see him as a brother and really close friend or if I want him as something more. Plus he's not exactly the easiest person to talk to sometimes as I'm sure you guys have noticed. I annoy him sometimes and get in the way when he's fighting Eggman and at times it's hard to tell if I'm just a nuisance to him or whether he genuinely cares about me. Shadow....he has a very hard time expressing himself in a positive way and comes off as a cold ass but I know he cares for the safety and happiness of everyone around him. It's what he fights for. It's his purpose and it's the one thing he promised Maria he would do. Personally, ....and don't tell Sonic I said this but I think Shadow makes a better protector of earth than Sonic any day.

Sorry I tend to ramble sometimes but when it's about Shadow I can go on and on about him. I guess I pretty much answered my own question. I do love Shadow...

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

Nope. Unfortunately I'm just a plain Jane with no abilities. I do know how to fight with some weapons since my father made me take lessons. He is a king after all and I'm the firstborn out of me and my
 brother so naturally I have to learn island traditions (i.e sword fighting, history, politics/political science, economy, know the really boring stuff that royalty always learn)

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!
...I'm not. I'm probably the only plain Jane out there with no special abilities or skills. You think my mastery of weapons and fighting styles came naturally? No darling, I had to work my butt off. It tooks from dusk to dawn; blood, sweat, tears, and dedication to master all of that so that one day I can ascend the throne as the new queen of the island. I'm not merely doing this out of duty as firstborn but because I really and truly want to be queen and because...I feel I owe it to me dad to make him proud.

6.) What's your eye color?
Mine are Magenta like my mom's. My brother has my dad's cyan eyes.

7.) How about hair color?
I'm a shade of light brown like my mom. My dad is a complete albino hedgehog. My brother is also a shade of brown like me and my mom.

8.) Have you any family members?
My parents Dr. Celeste, King Frost, and my younger brother.

9.) Oh? How about pets?
Are chao considered pets. I have a chao that looks almost exactly like Shadow. I call him Skippy. I also have another chao that looks almost like Sonic but I call him Dopey because frankly....he really is dumb. All he does is eat and sleep, oh and always has a retarded smile on his face. As for poor little Skippy he kind of has big feet so he tend to trip over them a lot and face plants in the ground. But he is such a cutie when he's asleep or when he's singing, dancing, or running. He and Dopey really do remind me of Shadow and Sonic and not because of looks.

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Can you be more specific like my least favorite food or movie or my pet peeve or something? I'm normal same as everyone else and I've got some preferences for certain things so it's hard to answer this question without specifics.

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I like taking nature walks through a forest/mountain/bike trail or on a beach as on my dad's tropical island. (people tell me how ironic and funny it is when they find out my dad's name is Frost and he's king of a tropical island. My grandparents were either cruel or had a twisted sense of humor when they named my dad)

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
I've probably had a few choice words for my parents and especially for my stubborn and hard-headed little brother but at the end of the day I learn to forgive and forget and we only grow stronger as a family.

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?
Excuse me?....hell no. My dad would bust my ass if I EVER killed anyone if it's not out of self defense and even then it's better to be diplomatic. My dad's word is law on this. I have the butt cheek stings from countless spankings to prove it when I tried to be self righteous and say that evil doers should all be killed no questions asked even if only a handful of them want to legitimately change for the better. I was still young then and I really pissed off my dad. That was the only time where I truly saw how frightening my dad can be when he's furious.

14.) What kind of animal are you?
I'm a Hedgehog though to humans the cloest hedgehog breed I would be is an African Pgymy hedgehog same as Sonic, Amy, Silver, and Shadow (though Shadow is only half African Pgymy hedgehog. He's also half alien. But trust me he doesn't look a thing ike Yoda or E.T)

15.) Name your worst habits?
According to my brother I can be loud and a bit too excited, I have a knack for falling asleep anywhere. But come on if you have intense princess studies you'd be tired too. Oh and I can sometimes once in a while act like a smart ass to my parents. My mom doesn't pay it much mind but my dad....he's a different story. He will smack me upside the head for being a smart mouth with him. He may be my dad but he's also a king so that's extra pressure on use both if I act like a smart ass in public.

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
My parents. My mom for being determined to finish her studies and being an amazing contribution to the field of health and medicine. She's the unofficial queen and the royal doctor. Though in all honesty my parents aren't married. My mom was too chicken to tie the knot with my dad even though he was pushing for it as was island tradition but my mom refused. They lived apart for some years with me and my brother living with mom in the States while my dad was overseas on his tropical island near the Bahamas. Then we finally came to live with dad but again...after waiting so long my dad and the people of the island thought of my mom as the queen even though she was far too modest and didn't want to take on the full responsibilities of a queen. But deep down my mom really loves my dad. They just show their love in a different way. It's not all hugs, kisses, and I love yous.

As for my dad...well he's lot of things. He's comfort and security. He's determination, wit, and sense of humor (again I think he inherited his parents twisted sense of humor but how he loves to "torture" me during my studies...I'm not joking. My dad is off his rocker sometimes...but in a good and funny way) They say daughters always find guys that are exactly like their dads and while in my case it isn't true I do agree with the other point and that is that a father is a daughter's first love.

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
I'm Straight thank you very much.

18.) Do you go to school?
Sort of?....My dad sometimes tutors me on how to be a princess and a queen but other times I have other tutors but my dad like s to hands on and deeply involved in my instructions. It's both a blessing and a curse. But I wouldn't have it any other way. In this strange way I'm having father daughter time with my dad.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Of course I but that's kind of further in the future. I doubt Shadow is the settling down type but we'll see. they say time can change a person so maybe that might be true for Shadow.
20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
No not really unless you count my friend Pierre Landry whom I never talk about. He's a gator from the swamps of Louisiana and he comes from a long line of Cajun gators. He ancestors were French Acadians that were banished from Canada and moved to Louisiana. Sometimes I think he has a slight crush on me but that probably just his Cajun hospitality at work.

21.) What are you most afraid of?
I hate bugs and insects plus I have strange fear of climbing ladders. Indoor rock climbing, going on roller coasters, or rides with extreme heights don't scare me but heaven forbid if I climb a ladder my heart races, my palms start to sweat, and I almost hyperventilate. It scared my parents one time so bad that after that they never made me climb a ladder ever again.

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?
As a princess being groomed to be queen I have to dress fancier than most islanders but on occasion when I'm allowed to leave the palace and go out to the beach I wear shorts and a sleeveless tank top. We are on a tropical island. It's warm pretty much all year round but we do sometimes get harsh winter winds but never snow.

23.) What's one food that tempts you?
Pierre's family's authentic Cajun cooking. Nothing like a real southern welcome than Cajun food from a French-only gator grandma with sass.

24.) Am I annoying you?
Not really. It takes A LOT to annoy me.

25.) Well, it's still not over!
*shrugs* Whatever.

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
I'm do the math.

27.) How many friends do you have?
Hmm...Just Pierre, Shadow, and Amy Rose I think. Sonic likes to cound me as his close friend but I think he's a cocky douche sometimes. Though I say this as a joke. Sonic and I are pretty cool but our relationship is a strange one. It's a love hate friendship. There are times where I respect him and there are other times where nothing would give me more satisfaction than wringing his neck.

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?
As long as it's apple or preferrably pumpkin pie I'm all over it.

29.) Favorite drink?
Sweet tea (a staple of the south according to Pierre) Dr. Peppers, Orange Sunkist, and Strawberry Fanta. Oh and I LOVE milk.

30.) What's your favorite place?
The beaches of my dad's island and the lands of Pierre's longstanding Cajun family back in Louisiana.

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?
Shadow the Hedgehog.


33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
The beach on my dad's island but then again I'd rather watch on the beach from a safe distance while Shadow and Amy force Sonic how to swim. I swear you'd think we were killing the blue guy or something. He needs to learn the meaning of the word chill.

34.) What's your type?
My type in guys? ....Look at Shadow. He's perfect.

35.) Camping or indoors?
Both I guess. But its more of an adventure in a tent though I mostly opt for modern amenities like oooooh I dunno....INDOOR PLUMBING! HEATED SHOWERS, COMFY BEDS....

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
As of right now.......YES!

39.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!
I tag anyone interested in doing this ridiculously long meme.

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