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Really can get ALOT of info if you read the artist's comments -___- please don't be lazy...



~Our Sappy Love song - ShadAmy by CleverFox101

I love the shading and the way you did the grass it's tricky to do that. I think the color of Amy's clothing really compliment her pink...

Body Practice by Maggie261982

This is my first time writing a critique but I'd say you did a wonderful job on the body practice. The lower jaw does look a bit off wh...

Rant Videos/Critques/My Thoughts

Please DO NOT take offense to my video rants. I do not mean to offend anyone in any of my rants but I feel like I have to voice my opinion because of the ridiculousness of the Sonic fanbase or just stupid people in general.


Upcoming Rants on the Sonic Fanbase

- Creepy Fetishes (Vore, Inflation, Sonic CharactersxMLP characters, etc)
- Recolors and how to make a better character
- My thoughts on the multitude of people who hate Sonic 06 for STUPID reasons.

Other upcoming videos

- How I came to be on DeviantART and how I got my username
- How I got into gaming and my journey as a Sonic fan
- What other game franchise I'm a fan of
- Favorite movies, music, and food
- What are my interests
- Fancharacter Critiques


Sonic plushie-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowSonic Rocks Out Stamp by Fuzon-SSonic Shuffle Dance Stamp by Fuzon-SSonic Stamp by CriWolfy

Art Others have done of my FCs
Small Debate .:req:captainninjapants:. by CleverFox101
Done by :iconcleverfox101:

Karina's got that ring by Jetstreamx
Done by :iconjetstreamx:

Brown Fur Princess by DragonGoddess1
Done by :icondragongoddess1:

Karina, Liz's OC. by Chloethebat
Done by :iconchloethebat:

Redesign 1 by Astro-Wingz
Done by :iconastro-wingz:

Karina by Chloethebat
Done by :iconchloethebat:

Karina And Shadow By s-94 by CaptainNinjaPants
Done by :icons-94:

Karina 2 by Chloethebat
Done by: :iconchloethebat:

Commission - Celeste by Shira-hedgie
Done by: :iconshira-hedgie:

COM#1 .::Have Anyone Seen My Glasses?::. by Invisible-Wings95
Done by: :iconinvisible-wings95:

::COMM:: - Vlad x Karina~ by Siinnack
Done by :iconsiinnack:

Gift: CaptainNinjaPants by ChickaruPocket
Done by: :iconchickarupocket:

[Gift] Karina the Hedgehog by wildgirlN
Done by: :iconwildgirln:

CaptainNinjaPants Fan Stamp by Kirbytails22
Done by: :iconkirbytails22:




Dec 18, 2014
2:12 pm
Dec 18, 2014
1:59 pm
Dec 18, 2014
1:54 pm
Dec 18, 2014
1:42 pm
Dec 18, 2014
12:59 pm


Klaus by CaptainNinjaPants
Karina's little brother Klaus that is a loner, musician, artistic, and loves pretty much all school subjects, as well as video games. He'd he a nerd to most people lol Klaus attends a privileged private school for rich kids and the school mascot is a knight lol
I uploaded a new video on my YouTube account. Please excuse the language I get mad with these kind of things:
Karina's Maternal Grandparents by CaptainNinjaPants
Karina's Maternal Grandparents
I got bored last night and drew grandparents for Karina. They're her maternal grandparents. Tatania is a nurse and Richard is a soldier. They're the parents of Nicolette and Celeste (Karina's mom)
Lindstrom Sisters by CaptainNinjaPants
Lindstrom Sisters
Nicolette is Karina's aunt and the older sister of her Karina's mother Celeste. Nicolette is a no-nonsense detective that is hard on criminals and has no time for dating. Celeste tries in vain to get her sister to lighten up.
Celeste is Karina's mother and the younger sister Nicolette. Celeste is a doctor working for a top hospital. Celeste is the less serious one of the sisters


CaptainNinjaPants has started a donation pool!
1,082 / 9,600
All point donations will go to my subbie.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 23
Current Residence: Texas, USA
Favourite genre of music: Hip hop/R&B, Country, International, Rock, Dance/Techno, Zydeco, New Orleans Jazz/Second Line, Christian/Gospel
Favorite food: Cajun/Creole and Filipino
Favorite book/book series: King James Bible, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Favorite Shows: Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Swamp Murders, Southern Fried Homocide, Cajun Justice, Rizzoli and Isles, Elementary, documentaries on Louisiana
Favorite Animes: Case Closed, Skip Beat, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Tasogare Otome (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) Kaze no Stigma, Ghost Hunt, The Wallflower, Chance Pop Secession, Season 1 of Robotech, Vandread, Log Horizon, Ouran High School Host Club, etc
Religion/Belief: Christian

My birthday badge

What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?

Who Is Your Host Type?
Who Is Your Host Type?

Which Case Closed Character Are You?
Which Case Closed Character Are You?

What Junior Detective League Member Are You?
What Junior Detective League Member Are You?

GAMER Casual STAMP by Faeth-design
Yes people I'm a casual because I play video games whenever I damn well please and I play for fun. I could care less about getting high scores or how many hours I log in because you know what? I HAVE A LIFE! I have other interests besides video games.

Karina's Theme Song:

Silver Sky (Takao's "death" theme)

Mexico Language Level-Beginner by TheShadowgirlsUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designFilipino Lang - Beginner.. by xXMoonXWalkerXx
Nord Stamp by THODRAGONFIREArrow in the Knee Stamp by SacredLugiaSkyrim girl stamp by Rai-A-Day
Know Before You Judge by Chrysalislovertexan deviant stamp by theladyofrohan04Christian but not insane by Lizzie-Doodle
Let The Good Times Roll Stamp by KahunaSniperOpinions Stamp by dragon77123NRA Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord
Liberals Hate Me Stamp by Mistress-BloodLOTR Stamp by AndrewJHarmonLegolas :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
You shall not pass Stamp by 00DarkChocolate00Rohirrim Stamp by E-SpyElrond Stamp by imrahilXbattousai
I Love Kili Stamp by Allendra3Aragorn stamp by purgatoriHaldir by Coley-sXe
Eomer Stamp by imrahilXbattousaiDuck Dynasty Stamp by Never-UnsureSwamp People : Troy Stamp by Smiley-Chicken
Anti-Hunger Games Stamp by LoofaDog28Anti-Twilight stamp by JinesayHarry Potter by egocentricSHARKS
Dear-Bronies-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggyNHL Stamp by SkokutLouisiana-Lafayette Stamp by nascarstones
Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultryLouisiana Lafayette Cap by sportscapsFlag of Acadiana / Cajun Stamp by AtroxGray
Flag: Louisiana by TheStampKingIt's really useless in 1st World countries. by World-Hero21Depression Stamp by mirz-alt

Favorite Pairings

I'm open-minded about other pairings like Sonally, Sonaze, Sonouge, Shadouge, Knuxouge, Silvaze, Silvamy, etc) I'm not one of those Shadamy nutcases that says Shadamy is the best and disses other pairings and tries to shove my preferences down people's throats. Shadamy is just my preference because its something different and unexpected and something I'm comfortable with. But I'm not into yaoi or yuri because it makes me a bit uncomfortable. That is not to say I'm against gay people I'm just against yaoi and yuri. Believe it or not I used to be a HUGE Shadouge supporter but now not so much lol

Gotta admit it I've shipped this couple since Sonic Adventure 2 lol

Favorite Sonic Characters

Peach fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Rosalina fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Luigi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Yoshi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry
Boo fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry

3DS friend code: 5000-2168-6925
Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address: COMING SOON...
I have Animal Crossing New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Pokémon X, Rune Factory 4, A Link Between Worlds, and Disney Magical World so far for the 3DS.


Stuff I Like

Since it's the Christmas season

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 10:41 PM
Skype: werewolfgirl23 (LIZZERZ) (preferrable)

YouTube: Captain NinjaPants…

Google +: Captain NinjaPants…

I'm not active on my Tumblr account so the best way to talk to me besides DA is either Youtube or Skype.

Game Systems:

3DS friend code: 5000-2168-6925

PS3: hrhtx

Wii U/Miiverse: texmexliz

Enjoy these Sonic Christmas shorts :)

(I don't support this guy's hate for Silver though. And it seems he hates Amy as well but these videos are still funny)

Alright folks time for a Biology lesson! Hedgehog+Cat=Fox true or false? lol also yes domesticated African Pgymy hedgehogs DO eat catfood. They need a high protein/low fat diet.

  • Mood: Winter Downs

Art Status

People who owe me art:


:iconinvisible-wings95: King Frost
:iconliyuconberma: Karina in Cosium style clothing (three outfits)
:iconivaylo1: Frost and Celeste (shaded/full color I think)

Art Trades:



Art I owe people:

Art Trades


Requests (For Close Friends ONLY)

:iconshadowthehedgehog192: A comic page in color or black and white of our characters in Ouran uniforms.

If you were a Sonic character in Sonic Heroes what would be your ability type? 

14 deviants said Power
12 deviants said Speed
9 deviants said Flying


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Ding Dong the witch is dead!

I guess we all saw this coming. I wished she did change though...
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Hey Liz, even though I'm glad some people are not speaking badly of me since I was able to be nice to them, you will not believe the nasty things some of the other guys there said. And I don't even know those people when they said such terrible things about me! And I think only 2 or 3 of those people said such bad things, so not everyone spoke ill of me. And one guy I spoke with, he's okay with me. But still, take a look at what those three people on the first page of comments said that got me this mad! And I am NOT an evil person, and neither is my old friend!
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Hey um, can you please remind me what "bandwagon haters" are again? I forgot the exact meaning for it again and can't find the full version of that term again.
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Thank you so much for faving! :)
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Hello! And thank you for joining :iconthevideogamers:

I hope you enjoy yourself here, and post all the art you want! 

Just a few rules to know:
~ No inappropriate artwork
~No rude language
~ No mean comments on art
~ No yaio or yuri art is allowed
~ No stolen/recolored art!

Other than that, have fun posting! :) (Smile)  


We also having a contest going on right now! If you wanna win watches, art and more, please read our newest journal!
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Kurayami-prince Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
while i agree the fighting is getting out of hand in some ways. 
she is getting everything that is coming to her.
she has harassed numerous gay people here on da because of their orientation
she has harassed non-christians
she bullied a gay girl to the point of suicide (or deactivation- depends how much of a skeptical person you are, but given how the little bitch-princess acts it wouldn't surprise me if they did kill themselves)

not to mention anything involving screenshots or recolors of official sega characters are stolen property and against da's rules.

and here's you're proof.
the original comment creator can tell you the full story because i have a feeling im just going to get a rude response from you anyway.

Here's a bitch who deserves to be taken down:iconprincesselizabeth013:
You know from what I've heard she is the perfect definition of what someone would expect a demon to be.
Since I was really curious about this bitch I decided to ask why everyone hates her and boy did I get some answers.
this comment

these comments
and lastly 
this journal

I'm sure there's plenty other shit calling her out but I think this should be enough.
Help me take down this scumbag.
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lightlugia813 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 3, 2014  Student General Artist
hay liz i saw your comment on princesses profile and i completely agree with it.(i would respond directly but she blocked me for unknown reasons)
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:iconkittyglompplz: Thank you so much for faving The Prince and the Alchemist~! :+fav:
[R.Rangers-PrizeArt]-The Prince and the Alchemist by Sakura-Araragi
I appreciate it :heart:
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Hey Liz, problem again. They did this and said that about me on this page. remradioheadfan98.deviantart.c… And I can't even retort since I blocked REMradioheadfan98 after he got me angry enough to do that and avoid the drama he was causing, but now he's still doing it behind my back! And the only reason why I know what they are doing is because this other guy keeps using mentions so that I would be drawn to it through my messages. It's like he want me to see their nasty comments to piss me off continuously on purpose! And I'm just starting to hate these two even more than I already did! If they want to piss me off while making me unable to do anything, then they are really asking for a world of trouble right there! And another thing, I don't even know what a Bigot is, yet they said everyone on that list was one, including me!
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Blazou-saan Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:
I appreciate it.
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Hey um, is it okay if I call you Liz? And anyway, this guy just made this behind my back some time after the argument he and I had, and that was SO uncool of him! And that was something I pretty much forgot about that he's using to ruin me! remradioheadfan98.deviantart.c… And why can't this guy just let it go like you and I did? And now, another guy is complaining, yet he already had left a bad impression on me in the first place. If the guy who made this is trying to round up more bandwagon haters, then screw him! And what should I do about him anyway? Cause I don't think I can just let that sit that easily, because I feel insulted actually (or whatever word best fits this).
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I saw on your profile that you wants to learn Swedish. Just wanted to say that you might have some fun watching this channels videos:…
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